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Farpoint 2012

I had such a great time at Farpoint!  This was my first time back since 2006 and although I’m not thrilled with the new hotel (for many reasons), the people were as amazing as ever!  I learned that I will take Monday off next time instead of Friday as we got back late Sunday night … Continue reading

Almost there…

… I’m almost done with the costume and we are almost to the c Some pretty sparkleys left to glue and I’m good to go for tomorrow.  Didn’t get everything done I wanted…new pants didn’t get made so I left the rest of that costume at home.  Ah well, there’s always next time and sleep … Continue reading

I control the kitteh! (well, not really)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to SG Merc over at SG1 Props !  I now have a beautifully crafted Kara Kesh – or ribbon device or goa’uld hand device.  Pick a name!  The pictures do not do this piece justice as it’s even more impressive in person.  SG Merc even put in a little control so that when I … Continue reading

Too much gold

I think I’m in a good place with the costume right now.  Tonight I have to create the applique looking pieces for the bodice and collar and I can always attach those and the crystals Thursday night.  The hem still needs to be done, I have to hand sew the backing on the collar and … Continue reading

Another late night

It was another late night but I got quite a bit done.  The lace is finished and looks decent so I can go ahead and sew the bodice together now.  However, I must remember to sew the trim on before I do that.  I wish I’d have taken a pictures with the phone last night … Continue reading

I think I can, I think I can

I am staying positive!  After about four hours of glueing cords together last night to get a spider web lace-like effect I’m feeling better.  I re-painted that leather and am happier with it – still not thrilled – but it’s a lot better.  So my excitement for tonight will be working more on that ‘lace’ … Continue reading

It seemed like a good idea…

…but it really wasn’t!  Last night, I put the skirts on my bodice and held the leather (that I’d spent two hours painting) up to it and almost screamed.  That perfect paint that I thought I was so happy with, not so much against the other fabric.  Sad thing is, I looked at it with … Continue reading

Slow and steady

And this is the point I ask myself, ‘Why did I try and complete this in under two weeks?’  haha.  Last night was going to be my late night working since I didn’t have to be anywhere early this morning.  However, my body had other plans and I crashed much earlier than I would have liked.  If … Continue reading

Eight days! Eek!

Eight days until the convention.  Yikes.  I’m trying to use this week as my ‘eleventh hour’ type of thing, as to hopefully have most of my Qetesh costume about done by Sunday night.  That way, next week I can do things like iron, pack, pick up the house…and sew a new pair of bdu pants.  … Continue reading

Sol’s Diner – Will work for food

Sometimes I find myself in a place where I need an escape or need to feel like I’ve completed something.  This particular costume is a result from a post-surgery staph infection.  Long story short, I had sinus surgery in March of 2011 (which went well) and developed a staph infection shortly after, resulting in two … Continue reading