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Updates: Boots, New address

Just because we’re moving and my sewing area is packed up doesn’t mean I’m still not costuming – so to speak.  😉 Since Vala appeared in Season 9 as a regular, I’ve been trying to track down her boots.  I’m going to do a longer post on this later (with pictures) but I have three pairs … Continue reading

It’s getting hot in here

I really slacked off last month with the blog, but this month should be better!  I’m in the process of material gathering and research for summer costumes and will be picking up fabrics and findings as finances permit (pesky bills always seem to get in the way of my fun!). But, in the spirit of … Continue reading

I control the kitteh! (well, not really)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to SG Merc over at SG1 Props !  I now have a beautifully crafted Kara Kesh – or ribbon device or goa’uld hand device.  Pick a name!  The pictures do not do this piece justice as it’s even more impressive in person.  SG Merc even put in a little control so that when I … Continue reading

Queen for a day…(or more!)

One never knows what to make of it when your husband drives you out to a large storage unit and says your Christmas present is inside.  Actually, he did wrap the COA (certificate of authenticity) and put it under the tree for me, but I didn’t quite comprehend the size of the gift until he … Continue reading