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Fan Expo Canada 2012, Part 2

…and as I continue my post on Fan Expo, a little more about our trip.  Once we finally got through the ticket line (there has to be a better system for that, doesn’t there guys?) we hustled in to see if we could still get a photo op with Amanda.  There was a really super … Continue reading

Fan Expo Canada 2012, Part 1

 This was a very short, but good trip. We got started later than we’d planned and waited in line a lot longer then planned to get our tickets, but we did get in the doors before they capped the people due to fire codes.  That would’ve been awful, a four-hour drive to not get in.  The … Continue reading

BDU Pants…the drama continues!

Things didn’t go quite as planned Wednesday night, so I didn’t start cutting out a new pair of pants until last night.  That took a lot longer then I’d planned! Here is one of those, do as I say, not as I do moments.  Always make muslin if you’re using a new pattern for something … Continue reading

Those pesky pants…

…those pants just keep coming back to bite me! Lol. And now I know exactly where those few extra pounds went that I put on. Haha. Remember that 50 / 50 chance my old pants were going to fit…FAIL. So now I’m faced with the choice of cutting new ones or saying screw it I’m … Continue reading

BDU Pants Remake Begins – Finally!

The pants reconstruction has begun! Even though I was going to do this months ago, as usual I wait until the last minute to get started.  In my defense though, I bought a new motorcycle two months ago and I’ve had several sewing jobs that I’ve needed to complete.  Mostly though, it’s been sewing jobs … Continue reading