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Farpoint 2012

I had such a great time at Farpoint!  This was my first time back since 2006 and although I’m not thrilled with the new hotel (for many reasons), the people were as amazing as ever!  I learned that I will take Monday off next time instead of Friday as we got back late Sunday night and Monday was brutal at work – I was in zombie mode.  Haha.

It was so great to see old friends and make some new ones.   I wish I’d have had more time to chat with everyone, seemed like the weekend went by too quick.  It would be nice if it were possible to have a convention for everyone to attend every month or two so we all stayed in touch more, and I know that’s not possible – but I’m thankful that we were able to attended and have the time we did with people.

Qetesh, for all intense purposes, is finished.  I will be making some tweaks to it, hopefully before I wear it again, but all and all I was happy with how it turned out.  The skirt needing to be fuller is probably my biggest gripe.  But, the crinkle fabric was expensive and I didn’t want to buy more than I needed.  Now that it’s together, I can get more and add it in (hopefully).  I need new boots for it and hubby and I are trying to figure out if they are black or dark brown.  

Qetesh costume, with ribbon device

I did enter the masquerade and received a workmanship award for best re-creation.  It was nice to be given something to recognize the time and energy I put into the piece.  I got some good feedback from the workmanship judges and am excited to continue working on this piece and make it even better.

Since I wore Vala costumes all weekend, I had a few people tell me that I resembled Claudia Black – that is one of the best compliments I could have gotten.  The hair extensions made so much difference and hopefully next time I’ll be able to wear my blue contacts too.  On Sunday, when I wore an all leather outfit, I had several people say ‘Hi Vala’ and that was pretty neat since I didn’t think anyone would really recognize me – surprise, it was one of my ‘most recognized’ days.  lol  You just never know!

I’m so thankful for all the support from my family and friends while I was working on the costume and all the encouragement I got this weekend.  I think Tanya has selected my next Vala costume for me, so I’ll have to get working on research for that soon – right after I finish up a couple of other Vala projects I’m in the midst of.

Ryan and I after the masquerade on Saturday night

About Kate, who is becoming Vala or Aeryn (depending on the day)

I'm a costumer, seamstress and new Mom that enjoys the challenges of recreating costume seen on screen, as well as wearable garments. There's lots I could tell you about myself, but we'll save that for another day. ;-) (aka: HothGirl)


One thought on “Farpoint 2012

  1. Ugh. That hotel. Nothing like no hot water to get the day started! I know several of us have complained to the hotel and to the Farpoint committee. We’ll see what happens next year. :\

    Congrats on the award! I’m sad I missed the Qetesh outfit! 😦 And remember that Claudia was pregnant when she wore that outfit, so some of the fullness was baby belly. Heh.

    At Ten Forward on Saturday night, I saw your back as you were talking to Joe and casually went up to him after you’d left and said, “Who’s Vala? I need to get a photo of her for a friend who is Claudia Black obsessed.” Pretty sure I also said, “Hey, Vala– I need a photo” when I approached you on Sunday. Haha! So it’s totally working for ya.

    Posted by Sandi | February 23, 2012, 1:47 pm

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