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Stargate Con Chicago – day two

We got in yesterday after a longish drive.  Only wore one costume Friday but have had two on today and will change at least one more time before the day is out. Have met a bunch of great people! Sure to meet sine more before the weekend is out.  🙂  Some really fun costumes too, … Continue reading

Out with the old…

…so 2012 has seen a lot of things.  I completed a few new costumes (which probably still could use some tweaking) and have done research for several more. Although I haven’t been posting anything the last two months, rest assured that my mind is still going and I have been doing costume research.  Hopefully after … Continue reading

Those pesky pants…

…those pants just keep coming back to bite me! Lol. And now I know exactly where those few extra pounds went that I put on. Haha. Remember that 50 / 50 chance my old pants were going to fit…FAIL. So now I’m faced with the choice of cutting new ones or saying screw it I’m … Continue reading

Direction…which way?

So many costumes I’d like to be working on!  Alas, wedding season has crept up on me and I’m currently in the process of altering wedding and bridesmaids dresses so costume sewing has been put on the back burner.  😦  With a full time job and alterations on the side, school work (I decided to … Continue reading

It’s getting hot in here

I really slacked off last month with the blog, but this month should be better!  I’m in the process of material gathering and research for summer costumes and will be picking up fabrics and findings as finances permit (pesky bills always seem to get in the way of my fun!). But, in the spirit of … Continue reading

Almost there…

… I’m almost done with the costume and we are almost to the c Some pretty sparkleys left to glue and I’m good to go for tomorrow.  Didn’t get everything done I wanted…new pants didn’t get made so I left the rest of that costume at home.  Ah well, there’s always next time and sleep … Continue reading

I think I can, I think I can

I am staying positive!  After about four hours of glueing cords together last night to get a spider web lace-like effect I’m feeling better.  I re-painted that leather and am happier with it – still not thrilled – but it’s a lot better.  So my excitement for tonight will be working more on that ‘lace’ … Continue reading

Eight days! Eek!

Eight days until the convention.  Yikes.  I’m trying to use this week as my ‘eleventh hour’ type of thing, as to hopefully have most of my Qetesh costume about done by Sunday night.  That way, next week I can do things like iron, pack, pick up the house…and sew a new pair of bdu pants.  … Continue reading

Cold and sniffles go away!

Yesterday was not as productive as I’d hoped.  My dear husband has been sick for a few days and it was inevitable but I finally succumbed to this head cold.  I do hope that it’s not as severe as his turned out to be since this is not a week I can take off of … Continue reading