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Random picture comparison

This will be a short, not so substantial post, but as I was flipping through Season 10 pictures a couple of days ago I came across a nifty photo from the episode ‘Insiders’ I thought I would put up next to mine from the convention a couple of weeks ago.  Yes I was costuming as Vala (of course!) but I wasn’t trying to this pose or anything – just simply smiling next to my wonderful hubby.

Vala on the left, myself on the right – same vest in both pictures. Thank you Ryan! 😉

Aside from the fact I have a different radio and no curly cue loopy thing, not to bad, ay? (Sorry, I was in Canada for the day!)

And even though the radio is different, it is still accurate for SG-1.  Hubby of course can find the correct radio for me, he’s good like that.  😉  If any one is looking for anything like tactical gear, radios, etc. chances are good he can hook you up.  There’s my random public service announcement for the week.  Haha.  Seriously though, he knows his stuff and Stargate very well.

Still packing the sewing room, no real luck on the house hunt yet.  So it’ll probably be a month or more before I’m back to sewing.

About Kate, who is becoming Vala or Aeryn (depending on the day)

I'm a costumer, seamstress and new Mom that enjoys the challenges of recreating costume seen on screen, as well as wearable garments. There's lots I could tell you about myself, but we'll save that for another day. ;-) (aka: HothGirl)


5 thoughts on “Random picture comparison

  1. Eh, not ay! :p

    Posted by Ken Rice | September 6, 2012, 7:40 pm
  2. Great job. Where are you guys located?

    Posted by Joseph Mallozzi | September 7, 2012, 7:15 am

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