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Vala’s Black Leather Costume Continued…

Apparently my images never uploaded from August and I’ve sort of been on hiatus since CreationCon in Chicago.  For those interested, my hiatus has included spending time with my munchkin that’s growing way too fast and working on an Aeryn Sun costume – plus all the normal boring ‘adult’ things.  🙂 So the black leather … Continue reading

Vala’s Camelot (Matnernity) Dress

Seeing as how I’ve been slacking off keeping up with the blog, I figured now would be a good time to do so since the baby is due any time now! Last weekend my hubby packed up and headed to Shoreleave in Hunt Valley, Maryland for the weekend to vend. Since that weekend marked the … Continue reading

Vala’s Desert Hair

Continuing with the desert theme this week, I present a blog on Vala’s hair when she was in her desert camo.  Laugh if you will but you’ll get to see picture of me with ridiculous curlers in my hair if you stay tuned.  😉 Observations:  Vala’s hair in this outfit is thick and full, has … Continue reading

‘Origin’ Dress: Sleeve Discovery

A couple of posts ago I said I had an old chemise that I thought I may tear apart to use for the ‘Origin’ dress…well, that’s not going to happen now.  I watched a few clips of the episode and got a really good look at the sleeves, and now I can’t bring myself to use the fabric I … Continue reading

Beginning the ‘Origin’ Dress

So if you’ll recall, I had a bit of a rant last night about finding a great piece of fabric but the seller didn’t have enough.  I decided this morning that I would message the seller just on the off chance there was another yard or two hidden somewhere.  It never hurts to ask and … Continue reading

Denied & Still Waiting

You know what one of the biggest bummer’s about costuming is?  Finding a great fabric that’s perfect for a costume and then not being able to get enough of it to complete said costume.  So frustrating to spend so much time looking and then bam….denied!  I may also add that another huge bummer is when … Continue reading

Random picture comparison

This will be a short, not so substantial post, but as I was flipping through Season 10 pictures a couple of days ago I came across a nifty photo from the episode ‘Insiders’ I thought I would put up next to mine from the convention a couple of weeks ago.  Yes I was costuming as … Continue reading

Almost there…

… I’m almost done with the costume and we are almost to the c Some pretty sparkleys left to glue and I’m good to go for tomorrow.  Didn’t get everything done I wanted…new pants didn’t get made so I left the rest of that costume at home.  Ah well, there’s always next time and sleep … Continue reading

It seemed like a good idea…

…but it really wasn’t!  Last night, I put the skirts on my bodice and held the leather (that I’d spent two hours painting) up to it and almost screamed.  That perfect paint that I thought I was so happy with, not so much against the other fabric.  Sad thing is, I looked at it with … Continue reading

Slow and steady

And this is the point I ask myself, ‘Why did I try and complete this in under two weeks?’  haha.  Last night was going to be my late night working since I didn’t have to be anywhere early this morning.  However, my body had other plans and I crashed much earlier than I would have liked.  If … Continue reading