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Vala’s Black Leather Costume Continued…

Apparently my images never uploaded from August and I’ve sort of been on hiatus since CreationCon in Chicago.  For those interested, my hiatus has included spending time with my munchkin that’s growing way too fast and working on an Aeryn Sun costume – plus all the normal boring ‘adult’ things.  🙂 So the black leather … Continue reading

January changes…and changes to costume to-do list!

Lots of good crazy happening in my life lately! As I mentioned before, I did find someone to work with to help me create Vala’s leather outfit but it will have to be postponed until 2014 (I’m hoping for Summer). Along with the postponement of that costume, a few others will be postponed and I’ve … Continue reading

Out with the old…

…so 2012 has seen a lot of things.  I completed a few new costumes (which probably still could use some tweaking) and have done research for several more. Although I haven’t been posting anything the last two months, rest assured that my mind is still going and I have been doing costume research.  Hopefully after … Continue reading

Happy Halloween 2012!

This year was a pretty low-key Halloween, but good all the same.  After spending Saturday working on the house, we headed out to our friends the Cole’s for a Halloween party.  Sarah always has a great spread and the company is always enjoyable. As much as I’d have loved to wear something more elaborate my … Continue reading

Direction…which way?

So many costumes I’d like to be working on!  Alas, wedding season has crept up on me and I’m currently in the process of altering wedding and bridesmaids dresses so costume sewing has been put on the back burner.  😦  With a full time job and alterations on the side, school work (I decided to … Continue reading

Back in the saddle! (Almost)

Well…I have been out of the sewing room for about three weeks now.  Right after Farpoint, I did something to my back and me being stubborn, refused to go to the chiropractor and get checked out thinking I just pulled or strained a muscle and it would feel better soon.  Fail.  A week later, I … Continue reading