What is this page all about?

 Thought I’d attempt to jump on the blogging bandwagon as I embark on more adventures in costuming!

This blog will be devoted to my continual work and re-creation of costumes from Stargate SG-1, more specifically, the costumes of Vala Mal Doran.

I know, I know…either your love Vala or you don’t love her so much BUT I’m a fan – especially of her more fitted outfits.  Some great friends really, really introduced me to SG-1 before Vala was brought on the series and I always struggled with what costumes to create.  The BDU’s just hung like a potato sack on me and wearing a female nox costume or a hak’tyl was fun but not the same as being ‘part of a team’.  So, imagine my excitement when they brought a dark-haired female character with fitted BDU’s on the show…much more my style (and hair color)!  So began my journey of adopting Vala as ‘my’ Stargate character.

As time permits, I will post pictures of the previous Vala costumes I’ve created (I have several) along with what I’m currently working on as I make progress.  Think of this as my brainstorming/salvaging my sanity blog as I create.  😉

Hopefully this won’t sound like the ramblings of a mad woman when she gets frustrated putting a costume together!


~ Kate      


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