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Times flies…when a convention is coming!

unnamedIt’s August 1st and my list of things I wanted to get done before the Creation Stargate Con this month is still long.  Long as in I haven’t been able to do hardly anything.  I half expected this with a new child, being employed full time and you know, real life getting in the way of fun.  I will say this…even though I haven’t gotten much time, I’ve spent time with my daughter and my family and THAT is most important.  It’s the people in your life, not the stuff, not your job, not the computer, television, phones, petty drama, housework or sewing machines.  People…it’s about people.  Don’t neglect the people in your life!

With that said, I’m refocusing my goals for the next two weeks and plan to do much needed touch-ups to a few of my costumes.  Both Qetesh costumes are in need of work.  I’d planned to replace the skirts on both of them, but the Continuum Qetesh is going to get tricky because I can’t find a supplier for the original fabric I used.  That type of fabric (or something comparable) is expensive and I don’t really have it in my budget currently to replace the entire skirt.  So I’m waiting on two more samples to come in and see if either will work to replace the skirt on the ‘Powers That Be’ Qetesh. Maybe I can get one replaced as that’s way less fabric too. Time will tell.

I ordered the piece create the blonde streak for Vala’s look.  My stylist is currently working on that and I should have that next week.  I’m really, really excited and I will share more about it IF it works.  Which I really hope it does and looks natural because that’s been my goal without bleaching my own hair.  Plus, bleaching is a permanent thing and with her later season costumes NOT having the blonde streak, it would be harder for me to swap costumes and be accurate.  If this works, it’ll be easy to transition with a removable piece.  It’s been about 8 or so years in the making and it would be nice if this is the final incarnation of my attempt at capturing that blonde streak!

Speaking of Continuum Qetesh…Remington, over at SG1 Props, is working on a new hand device for me with a better fit.  He’s awesome and does AMAZING work and I am looking forward to meeting he and his wife in Chicago.  The other piece, while completely great, is a little large for my hand.

The only other big thing I’m waiting on is from Twisted World.  I’ve commissioned them to do Vala’s leather costume for me.  Everything except the long jacket and pants.  The pants I will probably  have them do eventually, but until then I will make do with moding something off the shelf.  Unfortunetly I am not 100% sure the costume will be completed by the convention.  It all depends on how the patterning process went together.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and am hopeful, but trying not to get too set on it if they are not able to finish it in time.  Sure I’ll be disappointed, but I’d rather have it done right and well then have a rush job.  So either way, it will all work out.

The reason hubby and I decided to attend this convention instead of DragonCon this year was because Creation made quite the to-do about this being the final Stargate convention.  With the announcement of another movie(s), they are reconsidering.  If I may make a suggestion though – follow the ideas of the Star Wars Celebration conventions and go about every three years.  Everyone’s wallet needs a break and although it’s nice to see friends every year, some of us don’t have the luxury of attending that often.  Every three years or so would still allow the fandom to live on and (I may speak for myself) but it would give you something to look forward to that was a bit off.  I think the turn out would be greater if it wasn’t yearly.   Just my two cents.

And about that long list of things I wanted to get done…I’ll still keep it on hand and work on it here and there.  Eventually things will get picked off, but my darling daughter will have a few of her own costumes by then too.  In the next couple of years we’ll get her to a convention or two…she’s going to make the most adorable Adria ever!

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I'm a costumer, seamstress and new Mom that enjoys the challenges of recreating costume seen on screen, as well as wearable garments. There's lots I could tell you about myself, but we'll save that for another day. ;-) (aka: HothGirl)


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