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Vala’s Desert Hair


Vala as seen in Continuum

Continuing with the desert theme this week, I present a blog on Vala’s hair when she was in her desert camo.  Laugh if you will but you’ll get to see picture of me with ridiculous curlers in my hair if you stay tuned.  😉

Observations:  Vala’s hair in this outfit is thick and full, has some body to it and a cute sparkly hair clip on the top of her head.  It’s not super wavy/curly which makes it nice for someone like me whose hair doesn’t always cooperate.


Attempting to put some wave/curl into my hair

To get the look, I’d suggest using hot rollers.  What’s great about hot rollers is once you put them in, you can do your make-up, get dressed, etc. while they set.  I also have a curling iron on standby because I always have a section or two that looks a little odd and needs a touch up.  I have a heat protector spray that I use that also helps the hair set before I roll my it.  And when my hair cools, I use a good strong hair spray to keep the wave in my hair.  How much you use really depends on how much of the curl you want to keep.

When I wore my Continuum Qetesh costume, I used a lot of hair spray to keep the curl in.  With the desert outfit, you won’t have to worry so much.  Vala almost has the look of hair that’s been out in the heat and poufed out a bit – in fact mine almost looks too curly this time.  And after living in New Orleans for a few years, I can understand why women in the south have ‘big’ hair…it’s just easier to let it poof in the humidity!  So we’ll just go with the theory that Vala’s in the desert, it’s humid, the curls fell out of her hair so it’s poufier with a bit of wave then curly.  😉


Bedhead’s ‘Hard Head’ is an excellent choice for great hold!

No matter how much curl you’re doing, hairspray will help hold what you’ve done in place and make it look cleaner.  I would recommend Bed Head’s ‘Hard Head’.  If you’re heavy handed with this, your hair will not move.  I put a sparkly clip in with my OD costume when a group of us went to the Ren Faire a couple years ago and used this hair spray so it would stay in (very humid day!) and it did not move.  Not even when I wanted to remove it.  Great hairspray, but you’ve now been warned that it is powerful stuff.

After I pulled out the curlers, I added my secret weapons…my hair extensions.  In all honesty my hair is just not that thick so the extensions help.  They’re great human hair clip-in’s that my hairdresser recommended for me.  Washable, curl-able, and easy to put in.


The finished look, albiet a bit too curly.


Side view of the hair

With a good amount of body in my hair now, I was ready for the final piece – one of Vala’s sparkly hair clips.  In Continuum, she’s has what appears to be a three flowered crystal clip she wears at the top of her head.  I catch a little hair in a rubber band and then place my clip in in front of the rubber band.  If the clip I had was bigger I’d be much happier, but I sacrificed size to get a close look.  But fear not, I’m always on the lookout for something even more shiny!  Er, something closer to Vala’s.  😉

About Kate, who is becoming Vala or Aeryn (depending on the day)

I'm a costumer, seamstress and new Mom that enjoys the challenges of recreating costume seen on screen, as well as wearable garments. There's lots I could tell you about myself, but we'll save that for another day. ;-) (aka: HothGirl)


One thought on “Vala’s Desert Hair

  1. Love her hair! So jealous right now. LOL! 🙂

    Posted by Sonel | April 10, 2013, 4:01 pm

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