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‘Origin’ Dress: Sleeve Discovery

A couple of posts ago I said I had an old chemise that I thought I may tear apart to use for the ‘Origin’ dress…well, that’s not going to happen now.  I watched a few clips of the episode and got a really good look at the sleeves, and now I can’t bring myself to use the fabric I have because it’s so far off.  I will have to find something that will give a similar look and feel as the original dress fabric.  Now, I know that most people won’t know the difference and wouldn’t even realize it was off if I used just a white cotton – however, I’ve become too finicky when creating a costume.

I partially blame this pickiness when it comes to costuming to my old friend Rich, aka: Mookie.  He is the person that taught me how to really, really look at pictures and videos and dissect a costume when I first got into this about ten years ago.  I couldn’t understand how he could look at pictures of the same costume for hours and figure out how it was constructed – now I understand.  I learned a lot from him and a few other friends right around that time.  They helped encourage me and spur me on.  I still am learning and don’t always get it right, but I try and am very thankful to the people that have come in to my life to help me create much better pieces then what you can normally buy off the shelf.  And of course, my very supportive husband who humors me when I’m babbling none-sense and obsessing about fabric and such.

Stop and think and really look at that!

I know the fabric I’ve chosen for the blue part of this dress does not have the correct print and the pattern on the fabric has a slight sheen.  However, this was what I found that I thought would be close to the correct color and capture the feeling of the costume.  When the fabric arrives next week, my hope is that I will be happy with it.  If not, as I said before, I’ll have some really pretty curtains for our new house.  😉   Then again, much like the white fabric for the sleeves I mentioned above, most people that watch the episode wouldn’t even know there was a pattern on the fabric…but I do and now I can’t ignore it.  lol

About Kate, who is becoming Vala or Aeryn (depending on the day)

I'm a costumer, seamstress and new Mom that enjoys the challenges of recreating costume seen on screen, as well as wearable garments. There's lots I could tell you about myself, but we'll save that for another day. ;-) (aka: HothGirl)


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