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BDU Pants…the drama continues!

Things didn’t go quite as planned Wednesday night, so I didn’t start cutting out a new pair of pants until last night.  That took a lot longer then I’d planned!

Here is one of those, do as I say, not as I do moments.  Always make muslin if you’re using a new pattern for something like say…pants that need to fit a particular way.  I felt I didn’t have time, but if I had done it, I wouldn’t have started out last night with a pair of pants about four sizes too big.  No joke.  I used my measurements and based on those I chose what size pattern to cut from the envelope.  I thought it looked too big, but I figured I could always take it in…which I did…a lot.  Then after I had everything together I had weird extra fabric in the front/crotch area.  Around 1am I figured out that if I tore the zipper back out and adjusted one of the sides it would take care of most of the issue.  So I did and it looks much better, not perfect, but better.  It will also now require hand stitching because I didn’t want to tear out both sides of the zipper.

You know, I don’t remember having this much trouble when I made my black BDU pants.  Granted that was about oh five or six years ago but still.  Maybe I’ve learned more since then and am over thinking it…yeah…let’s go with that. Lol

I made a quick list this morning of everything I need to do on the pants tonight.  It looks long but there really isn’t a ton left.  The hardest part is almost over as far as fit goes.  I do need to take them in just a bit more above the knee to give the pants more of that Vala flare leg look to them.  I’m going to estimate about three hours of work, hopefully!  I need a good nights sleep tonight because we’re planning on heading out about 6am for Fan Expo Canada and if I don’t get a decent nights sleep I’m going to be a grumpy tired Vala that’s not near as much fun.

And since I was rushing last night to get these together I didn’t take any pictures.  When I do my desert pants, I promise to take pictures!  I also promise to start them well before I need them.  As a consolation, I’m attaching a picture of my helper cat Rocket on the ironing board because it was cute this morning on a few hours sleep.  😉

Rocket, furry encourager / impeder

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One thought on “BDU Pants…the drama continues!

  1. schroedinger! kitty Squeee!

    Posted by opusanglicanum | August 24, 2012, 7:38 pm

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