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BDU Pants Remake Begins – Finally!

The pants reconstruction has begun!

Even though I was going to do this months ago, as usual I wait until the last minute to get started.  In my defense though, I bought a new motorcycle two months ago and I’ve had several sewing jobs that I’ve needed to complete.  Mostly though, it’s been sewing jobs for other people that have distracted me – that being said, I will not be taking on any new jobs any time soon nor will I take part in ‘bridal season’ sewing next summer.  The only exception of course would be very close family and friends.

But getting back to the topic at hand…Vala BDU pants!  Being as I’m rushing to get this done by Thursday night (I’d like to sleep before traveling to Toronto early Saturday morning) I forgot to take pictures.  Since they’re still not together yet, I will try and take some tonight. 

The correct fabric color of the rip stop is getting to be non-existent, so in the interest of not wasting what I have left, I took the second version I made and tore them apart in hopes of reassembling them with a better fit.  The biggest problem was the rise and fit in the front.  For whatever reason, they wound up too high and accentuated parts of my front side that didn’t need accentuation.  😉 

I spent quite a bit of time adjusting the front rise, replacing the zipper and adding a waist band.  I realize BDU’s don’t typically have a waist band, but in order for me to try and salvage this pair, I decided to add one.  It won’t be noticeable because my belt will be over it and if that little details helps the pants fit better I’ll be happy.

That being said, the pants are almost half way together – I’d like to think all the hard stuff is done – but the top-stitching will take some time.  Thankfully, I saved all the pockets and belt loops from the pants so I won’t have to do any extra work with those.  J

It’s a 50 / 50 shot that pants will fit with the adjustments I’ve made…let’s say a little prayer that they will fit when it’s all said and done because I’d really like to wear my OD’s this weekend! Haha.  Actually after taking several pounds off around the first part of the year, I’ve put it back on – but that’s what happens when you give in to almost every craving you have and don’t exercise.  😛  I am doing better now, down four pounds and eating better but still not really exercising.  Need to make time to do that!  Hubby and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary over the weekend and I’d like to get just a little bit closer to my wedding weight. 

More work on the pants tonight…wish my luck!


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