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It’s getting hot in here

I really slacked off last month with the blog, but this month should be better!  I’m in the process of material gathering and research for summer costumes and will be picking up fabrics and findings as finances permit (pesky bills always seem to get in the way of my fun!).

But, in the spirit of keeping up with the blog, I still have costumes that I’ve created that I need to post about.  That being said, today’s costume is Vala’s hot pink nighty from Unending.

Vala, from 'Unending', as she makes an attempt to seduce Daniel Jackson

This costume I made just for fun and not convention wear (technically it was a surprise for my hubby since we’d been joking around about it).

Pink furry handcuffs that I created

I contacted the company that created the chemise she’s wearing to see if I could purchase the lace trim that’s on the chemise – the exact chemise is not made anymore (they changed the design slightly) so I thought just maybe they’d let me purchase the lace so that would be right.  Well, I did get a nice email back from a rep saying she’d ask the designer but never heard anything further.  Oh well, it wMy quick attempt at Vala's hot pink chemise from 'Unending'as worth a shot.

Everything else is pretty straight forward, hot pink fabric for the dress, trim, black satin robe I picked up on sale and added black lace to the sleeves and pink furry handcuffs.  I found a cheap pair of handcuffs and added the fur to them as the ones online weren’t the right color pink.  Since the fur was glued on, the handcuffs are just a ‘static’ prop.  😉

I found a chemise pattern that was pretty darn close, so I made a few pattern tweaks and was good to go.  Nighttime wear is kinda tricky for me, especially if you want to sleep in it.  Overall it was pretty comfy, but I wish I’d have been able to find some softer stretchy lace.  We’re very limited with fabric stores and selections around here so you make due.  The lace I did find gives a similiar illusion but I had to settle with it – there just wasn’t anything else even remotely close to what I wanted!.  (I will keep looking for a replacement lace – maybe some time I’ll be able to find something closer)

Still not 100% happy with it, but it does capture the illusion I wanted and was something fun to create.  Plus, my husband knew exactly what it was –  so I guess in the end I achieved my goal.  🙂

P.S.  It does look better on my figure then on the dress form!

About Kate, who is becoming Vala or Aeryn (depending on the day)

I'm a costumer, seamstress and new Mom that enjoys the challenges of recreating costume seen on screen, as well as wearable garments. There's lots I could tell you about myself, but we'll save that for another day. ;-) (aka: HothGirl)


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